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Our Junk hauling truck in Atherton
Our Junk removal truck in Atherton

Atherton, a town of 6,914 (2010 census), sits between the peninsula between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean in San Mateo County. The bucolic community, adorned by elegant gardens and "heritage" trees that lend a stately air to the town, is quaint by design. The town's forefathers acted to incorporate in 1923 mindful to preserve it as a strictly residential community, divided into large estates (like the 640 acre-estate purchased by Faxon D. Atherton, in 1860), so that the town's picturesque character would remain unspoiled by future commercial development. That character, rural, densely-wooded (native live oaks, white oaks, bays, redwoods, cedars, pines and other decorative species), and elegant, remains still, though some of the large estates have been subdivided.

Recology San Mateo County offers weekly curbside pick-up of garbage, recyclables, and compost. Hard to recycle items such as CDs, ink cartridges, packaging materials, waste glass, and cooking oil can be recycled (check the site for great resources for single-family residences). But certain objects, such as motor oil and filters, bulky items, holiday trees, and hazardous waste are "beyond the cart" and require proper disposal at an appropriate center.

For items that exceed normal curbside pick-up capacity, such as:

Trash Removal Household Appliance Removal & Hauling including commercial(all types) Furniture Removal & Hauling (any size)
Mattress & Sofa Hauling Office Furniture, Cubicles & Equipment Hauling Hot Tub Removal, Spa Removal & Hauling
Estate Cleanouts Boat Removal Large Equipment Hauling
Fire Damage Clean Up & Hauling Flood Damage Clean Up & Hauling Construction Debris Removal
Shed Removal Playground Removal Landscaping/Yard Waste removal
Storm Debris Cleanup Electronic Waste Hauling Storage Facility Cleanout

Fast Haul can collect and dispose of them at the appropriate recycle, reuse, or disposal site. Learn more about our services:

Residential Junk Removal and Trash Hauling in Atherton

Fast Haul comes to your home and removes all your junk; With your guidance, our hauling junk removal experts will separate out the trash and haul it away. We'll even clean up after we're done!

Commercial Junk Removal and Trash Hauling in Atherton

Because Fast Haul recycles most of the garbage we haul, your trash will be dealt with in a clean sustainable way. Fast Haul regularly works with local real estate companies, schools, property management companies, and government agencies as well as non-profit organizations.

Electronic Waste Hauling in Atherton

Nowadays, electronic waste, or e-waste, is a huge percentage of America's waste stream, especially in such a tech-oriented place as the San Francisco Bay Area. Fast Haul recycle all of your unwanted junk, including electronic waste such as TVs, computers, VCRs, DVD players, copy and fax machines, cell phones and most items containing circuit boards and electronic elements.

We offer our hauling and junk removal services to Atherton and the entire San Francisco Bay Area! Not sure if we serve your area? Check out all of our Areas of service

Our hauling services include (but are not limited to):

> Junk hauling
> Trash removal
> Basement junk removal
> Yard waste hauling
> Furniture removal
> Delivery & Moving services
> Electronic waste hauling
> Trash Truck Services
> Appliance removal & hauling (all types)
> Furniture removal & hauling (any size)
> Mattresses & sofa hauling
> Office furniture, cubicles & equipment hauling
> Hot tub & spa removal & hauling
> Swimming pool removal & hauling
> Large equipment hauling
> Yard waste hauling & cleanup
> Earthquake damage clean up & hauling
> Fire damage clean up & hauling
> Flood damage clean up & hauling
> Dirt & concrete removal & hauling
Since our founding in 1993, Fast Haul has always had a Green Business philosophy. As one of the Bay Areas oldest junk removal & trash hauling companies, practicing recycling, re-use, and donation comes naturally. It makes our customers feel good as well as keeping costs down and reducing our landfills and dumps. We specialize in Green hauling services.

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